Jobic Le Masson was born in France in 1968 and started his musical education at the age of 7 at the Conservatory. Age sixteen he moved to the US on his own and attended the Greenwich High School in Connecticut where he studied music theory and composition. In 1987 he attended the Berklee School of Music and returned to Paris after graduating in 1990.

Father of three children and co-owner with his wife Penelope Le Masson of “The Red Wheelbarrow” bookstore in the Marais, Jobic has been composing, arranging and performing with many different groups, expressing a wide musical range from traditional jazz to free  improvisational music. Jobic is involved in many projects and appears regularly with Paris based musicians Benjamin Duboc, Didier Lasserre (with whom he recently recorded), Aldridge Hansberry, Rasul Siddik, Christine Flowers, as well as visiting musicians such as Roy Campbell, Hanah Jon Taylor. He also plays with François Thébèrge, Makoto Sato, Antoine Paganotti, Amy Gamlen, Lucien Johnson, Daniel Erdman, Thomas Kpade, Michael Felberbaum, Karl Januska, Jean-François Pauvros, Sylvain Guérineau. His trio with Peter Giron and John Betsch is where the main body of his work can be heard.